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Pseudo : Onix

Login : vinicius46

Nationality : Brazil

First name : Vinícius

Age : 24

Nation or United account or TM² ? TMU and TM²

Server(s) you like to play : i like all servers nascar, but my principal is Top Nascar Fun 60K

Previous Team(s) (if there is) : VXRT and PNE, not in order

Why leaving previous team : I left my old team, because of the inactivity of some nascar players of my team, only I am playing (VXRT).

I left the (PNE), because I could not fit into the environment they were at the time, but I made good friends there

Why our team ? Ok, we know, we are the best and the most friendly team ! : I came here to try to join UC, because I've been following the team activities for 3 years. I tried to join once in 2013 but I had no response from the others. Now I came again after a few years of training, try to enter again, I appreciate you and the quality of players you have here, and are very friendly

Tell us more about you (frequency of connections, fun or competitions, etc) : I play every day since 2015, sometimes for 2 hours in a row and others playing 8 hours, I have more time on the weekend, where I can play whenever I want. On weekdays I can only play after 18:00 GMT. I only participated in a war over the years playing against RTD. I wanted a team that I could train hard with the other players so I could compete in some event. Some players here have already had the honor of playing together

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thanks for your application :)

For me it's a yes, and unless Vroom or Tmakajb have any objections, you can join us


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Thank you ! 
I'll be waiting for the response from the other players :)

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Ok for me it's yes :)

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Welcome to UC, Onix!
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Thanks :D

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