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Please all of you interested in competing in the probably most prestigious ever* individual** trackmania forever*** online stadium nascar league should :

- register on ESL website : click here (esl europe website, please members from outside europe, check if you find a local esl website as you are not allowed to have multiple accounts on esl, so pay attention).

- after signing up to your ESL account, click here to start registration process to nascar 1vs1 ladder (championship). Be careful you'll probably have to add Trackmania Forever to your gamesaccounts first. After adding TMF game account to your profile (by entering your trackmania player login), you'll be able to register to the ladder (go back to signup page first probably). The final step will be clicking below the message telling you an admin has to confirm your registration soon. It shouldn't take long before you are listed in the esl nascar 1vs1 ladder.



ESL Ladder is new and asking us to help them organize the first matches : you are all invited to vote for maps and racedays on esl website (after you're registered).



* you'll easily find all informations needed about ESL. Sorry to all of you who think there have been more prestigious tournaments in the past. If you do, i'd like to know them, so please share your memories :)

** ESL is testing nascar community for the first time. We may convince them to organize some team leagues if we show we are plenty of players.

*** Depending on TM2's success, ESL might move to it in the future.



Have fun all and good luck ;)

UC Members, this topic is for our friends, please go to Nascar League ESL Members Topic (here), except to answer some friends questions or if you have something to share to the world about ESL, thanks in advance :p

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